Are You Ready to Transform Your High Achievements into Holistic Heroic Success?

Welcome to Your Turning Point

You've climbed the ladder of success, reached heights many only dream of, and established yourself as a leader in your field. 
But at what cost? 
If you've been sacrificing YOU and your joy for the sake of success, you're not alone.

 Heroic Performance Coaching is 
Your Catalyst for Change.

You're no stranger to hard work and dedication. But somewhere along the line, your well-being took a backseat. 

Long hours and high stress have become the norm, and quick fixes and external accolades no longer fill the gap. 

It's time to look inward, to rediscover and align with your core values.

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schwindt
Long-time dentist, Heroic Performance Coach and Co-Founder of The Mint Door.
I Empower high achieving women to boldly optimize their lives through Heroic Performance Coaching

An Approach to Holistic Success

As a Heroic Performance Coach, I believe the key to success is not just about what you achieve but how you achieve it.
You deserve a transformative journey  to redefine what's possible on YOUR terms.

My Promise to You

In the world of high-achieving women, you are often expected to juggle multiple roles flawlessly; the journey to the top can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming.

Heroic Coaching offers a sanctuary where your ambitions are understood, your challenges are acknowledged, and your 
potential is limitless.

An Approach to Holistic Success

Revitalizing Self-Care: 
Rediscover the joy of living a harmonized life. Learn to prioritize your well-being without compromising your professional drive.
Internal Fulfillment Over External Validation: 
Shift your focus from external accolades to inner satisfaction and self-worth.
Sustainable High Performance: 
Develop strategies to maintain high performance without burning out.
Realigning with Your Values: 
Reconnect with the aspects of your life that bring true fulfillment, be it personal growth, health, service, or relationships.

You are more than your achievements; you are a force to be reckoned with.

Heroic Performance Coaching Empowers You To:

  • Break through barriers, both personal and professional.
  • Harness your unique strengths in ways you've never imagined.
  • Cultivate resilience and a mindset geared towards success without compromising your well-being.

Are You Ready to Embark on a Journey to Heroic Success?

If you're a high-achieving woman ready to boldly optimize your life, and you're you curious to learn how we can transform your journey together...
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Top 5 Daily Practices for Harmonizing Success AND Well-Being for High Achievers.

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