My passion is leading women dentists on a personal journey of transformation 
to create a life-balanced, empathetic practice 
with zero burnout.
Laura Schwindt DDS
Women Dentist Burnout 
Prevention Coach

Bringing Balance

  • ​To the Office 
  • To Your Home
  •  To Your Heart
Cheers! I am Laura Schwindt
As a woman dentist/entrepreneur with a strong desire for constant growth and self-development, I was my own boss for over 10 years. While this time enriched my life and was very rewarding, it also took me down a path of burnout and left me searching for more balance to preserve my most prized asset; my health. 

Due to a medical emergency that left my husband fighting for his life, I began to completely redesign both my life and my career. What I figured out during these challenging times reshaped my entire view on work-life balance and how it CAN be achieved. 

Now it is my passion to share what I’ve learned with other women dentists so they can create a life that they love, both professionally and personally. 

Also, I advocate and teach women dentists how to create multiple streams of non-clinical income to supplement their financial well being when they are in the office and help support them when they are out of the office. 

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